Window Replacement
Denver, CO

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Replace your Old Windows in Denver

Deciding to replace your windows can be a big financial decision. Consider the following benefits to replace old and foggy windows.

First and most obvious is the cosmetic improvement to the look of your home. The difference is so drastic, you will continually smile every time you enter your home.

Second, is the energy benefits. New windows have tighter seals, better glass and made of more efficient materials, making the old and new windows incomparable. You can save 10-25% on your energy bill each month with new windows.

Lastly, is the UV protection. Most new windows have some kind of UV tint to protect from a certain percentage of harmful UV light rays. This may not seem important but think about the furniture that’s exposed to the sun day in and day out. With this much exposure, the fabric will begin to fade over time. This applies to flooring, rugs, wood surfaces and much more.

Window Replacement

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