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Crafting Your Statement in Glass: Celebrating the Details, Reflecting You

Discover the elegance of frame-less shower enclosures, offering a modern aesthetic and enhanced flexibility in design compared to traditional framed doors. These enclosures provide a spacious, open feel to your bathroom, without the obstruction of metal or other support materials along the edges of the doors. Located in Westminster, CO, Colorado Glass & Mirror specializes in custom-designed enclosures, precisely cutting doors to fit your space perfectly.

Achieve a stylish look like framed glass doors but at a lower cost. Whether you want to maximize space, enhance style or stick to a budget, our team at Colorado Glass and Mirror is ready to help you find the perfect solution. 
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"The best part? You're not limited by a single option. By choosing the right shower doors or tub enclosures, you can tie together the entire bathroom design. This allows you to create a cohesive and visually striking space that reflects your taste and personality."

Unleash the Beauty Go Frameless

Traditional shower doors and tub enclosures typically used metal frames for support. Now, homeowners can choose frame-less options, allowing for limitless customization possibilities. Colorado Glass & Mirror specializes in custom doors cut to fit your space perfectly. Experience personalized craftsmanship

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